Schuyler and Sandy after a Kayak run

Schuyler and Sandy after a Kayak run

Recently, I was asked to write an article for my church’s magazine, Breakthrough. I have been asked by some who do not receive this magazine to share the article on this blog.  Some parts have been cut for efficiency of space.  The majority of the article follows:

“God has been so gracious to allow Schuyler and myself to assist those struggling with broken marriages.  The most common statement we hear from new attendees is that their situation is unique.  The fact is, all marriage breakdowns are unique.  The good news is that we have never found any correlation between the difficulties of the situation and complete healing and returned happiness in lives.  Healing is dependent upon the work one is willing to do and the  trust in the Trinity to perform healing, direction, forgiveness, and God’s promise of a new creation, a new beginning.

Our hope is for the marriages to be saved, yet our responsibility is to assist each member in reestablishing spiritual, emotional, physical, and financial stability.  Once this balance occurs, the members must seek the Holy Spirit for their directives.

Many are concerned whether God can still use them after their dreaded divorces.  We emphasize that God will never waste pain or experiences.  Brokenness is a mighty learning tool.  A broken servant’s heart is powerful for helping others.  As members launch into their new lives, [it is hoped that] most engage in new service communities.

A joyful life can be restored!  We thank North Heights for allowing us to minister within their walls.”