Reasons for Divorce

Scriptures list only two clear reasons for divorce; adultery and abandonment.

Our legal system does not support this philosophy.  Most states exercise “no fault” divorces allowing one to dissolve the marriage without any reason for divorce, or cause.

  • Adultery

Adultery is a form of idolatry and thus, both become reasons for divorce.  Anything that is preferred first, before God and then our spouse, takes that form.  An affair with another person, or perhaps with pornography, gambling, alcohol, or abuse all take the form of sinful idolatry; of one preferring any of these behaviors more important than God and then his/her spouse.

  • Abandonment

God, via Moses, explained abandonment in a much broader form than one just physically leaving a marriage.

“Because of your hardness of heart, Moses permitted you [allowed a reason for divorce] to divorce your wives [or spouse]…” (NASB) – Matthew 19:8

God expects us to respect ourselves. “He does not want us to be worms to others’ behaviors.  He expects us to show love to those who hurt us, but not to become dirt under their shoes.”


“A wise Christian counselor showed me how satan wanted me to dwell on the statement that God hates divorce and not see the grace Jesus bestowed in the Gospel of Matthew.  Satan had sold me a legalistic view of God, but the counselor reminded me that God is a God of new beginnings and grace.”

“Divorce is not the sin but what was occurring within the marriage relationships is. Our greater sin would be missing what God wants us to learn and apply.”

“What a wonderful advantage we Christians have if we are willing to give our marriages to God and let Him do his healing work.  If our spouses decide to abandon the marriage, God knows their hearts, and he will preserve us and return our joy as we learn to grow and walk with Him.”

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