Christian Support Groups

Christian support groups are important as no healing takes place in a vacuum. Christians are part of the family of God and God expects us to seek out support from His people.

A Christian divorce support group understands this and brings various talents to the group that can aid in this recovery.

  • Spiritual support and prayer
  • Safe place to share concerns and fears
  • Honest evaluation by others of what “baggage” they see one has not embraced
  • Encouragement
  • Help via the member’s talents and gifts
  • Sharing of information—legal referrals, custody concerns, court processes, etc
  • Socials
  • Continual support throughout the entire journey, no matter how long it takes

I do not feel anyone can completely heal without the Lord.  Certainly time covers up some wounds and numbs us to some of the pain.  However, complete healing comes from God and He uses others to be tools in His healing process and to remind us of His promises.  Satan wants to mislead us during this very vulnerable time.  Christian support group members listen to you and catch satan’s influence on you during weak moments.  They can remind you of the following:

“Feeling defeated and alone is quite normal…but this is a feeling, not a fact. We do not have to be alone…It is imperative that we seek out others…We have to put forth the effort…Moving forward is a decision.”

“God wants to be in charge of our circumstances.”  God says in Jeremiah 29:11, “I have good plans for you, not plans to hurt you.  I will give you hope and a good future.” (NCV)

“Mending occurs as one opens up his/her heart to others and reaches out to aid in someone else’s healing.”. (Joni Earekson Tada)

“Any issues that have not been addressed and resolved become “baggage” you will carry over into your new relationships, and that may hinder you from recognizing another’s “baggage”.

“There will be times on this journey when you will ask, :’Lord, what are you doing?’  I know I certainly did.  Remember that He sees your life—and mine—from His perspective.  He has a plan…and He will work all those threads of our messy and jumbled lives together into a lovely picture.”  Christian support groups give us opportunities to see God in action in other’s lives which encourages us to hold on and wait for His miracles in ours.   Nothing is more powerful than seeing miracles in action!

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