Divorce Support

Divorce support is essential while going through this hurtful process of brokenness.  It is an extremely confusing time and extremely overwhelming.

A healthy person has a balance amongst these aspects of their being:

  • Emotional
  • Physical
  • Spiritual
  • Financial

When divorce occurs, the emotional aspect skews the balance severely.

One should not try to make rational decisions during this time without divorce support from entrusted friends and/or professionals — from those removed from your biases so that sound decisions can be made.

“I must stress the importance of consulting the experts—be it counselors, lawyers, or financial consultants or tax experts.  Professionals have a history on how their clients’ futures should look.  At the time of divorce, you cannot think beyond this crisis to protect your future.”

“One caution must be emphasized, no matter what you decide; make a clean break from your spouse if the divorce is inevitable. Do not make provisions to help each other with such things as laundry, housework, yard work, maintenance, or car repairs, in order to stretch the money. This will only give you excuses to continue seeing and depending on each other. Down the road, you will resent that you cannot make your own decisions and that you are still somewhat dependent on your former spouse.”

We all know that Scriptures states that “pride cometh before the fall”.  While going through this hurtful time, one must get rid of this foolish pride and seek support.

Divorce support comes from additional areas as well as from professionals. Christian friends and family are very important. Christian Support Groups are vital. Churches and prayer groups can offer great encouragement. Scriptures and Christian authors give great insights.

Caution: “True recovery must come from within.  You may consider opinions and advice from the church and from friends [and professionals].  You, however, must decide if they are supporting what God is personally telling you.  If the church [and other resources] does not encourage this personal walk with the Lord and does not love unconditionally, you must find another church [or resource].”  This is time for you to grow up and seek true love and grace and flee the legalism you may have been taught.  Discipline is Godly; legalism has been removed by our Savior.

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