Someone once said that “the love of money will not make you happy; yet, the lack of money may make you miserable.”

The Money Puzzle
By ClipArt Review

Very few couples goes through divorce without experiencing a financial crunch.   Simple mathematics suggest that two people sharing one household can live cheaper than two people supporting two households.  Thank goodness that those of us who are the “children of the King” can live under God’s financial plan.

While living under God’s umbrella, however, there are some Godly tips for one to consider:

  1. Establish God as your financial resource and you as His servant.  Realize that your work is a gift from God and it should be performed to please Him.  Harsh circumstances and difficult people you encounter are part of His plan to help you grow and extend love.
  2. Check your attitude.  How do I conduct myself when I have abundance or comfort; how do I act when I have minimal funds?  In both cases, the Holy Spirit should be consulted and trusted for the use and distribution of money.  Scripture is full of advice regarding sensible use of money.  (Check out Phil. 4:12)
  3. Remember to return to God his portion.  Tithing is so often exercised only when we have plenty.  Ask the Holy Spirit what part God wants and give it back to Him knowing He wants to bless while developing trust in Him during hard times as well as good times.
  4. Watch for opportunities to help others.  Remember, you can’t out give God.


Along with Godly tips, here are some practical tips:

  1. Prepare a budge enlisting all your incomes—payroll, child support, spousal maintenance, extra earnings.
  2. List all your recurring expenses-mortgage, car payment, insurances, utilities, etc. (Don’t forget your tithing conviction.)
  3. Add other expenses that may have to be estimated—groceries, gifts, household repairs, gas, credit card payments, savings, etc.

If the expenses exceed the income, it is time to do some serious adjustments.  First, get rid of the credit cards.  If you can’t pay cash, you must trust God for the funds.  Perhaps you need to downsize the size of car and house you maintain.  Perhaps sharing a home with someone would be wise.

God will provide for all our needs but He may have lessons for us to learn during the process such as trusting more in Him and less in our own efforts.  He has a plan as he promises to provide.